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Vermontiville, MI -
Les Mason accepts his Grand Daughter's Award at Mid-Michigan Trials.

Vermontville Results

The 2017 M.O.T.A. Season is in the books and standings are being tabulated. Please take time to review your standings and contact the Competition Director about any errors or corrections that need to be addressed before sending the results to the Awards Committee.

The Michigan Ontario Trials Association thanks all of it's promoting clubs for hosting a great season.

2017 Scot Hop Gate Trial is ON!

The 2017 Gate Trial is on for November 5, 2017.

The format is a gate style event where the object is to get as many points as possible by attempting multiple "gates" or obstacles in each section, each adding points to your score. The event is for fun only and is not part of MOTA points or standings. There is no cost to ride. The event will be held at the Alexander Farm in Oxford, MI. Also known as WTF. (Wholesale Tree Farm) We really will need some help to get ready for the event on the two weekends before .(October 21/22 and 28/29) Please feel free to pm Keith or email at if you can come out and help.

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Everyone is able to ride the event. No workers on the day of the event, as it is self /peer scoring. Excellent event for all skill levels and bikes. It can be as easy or as hard as you choose. We have a great time, and great garage party afterwards. Bring something to grill, there is a place to cook and fridge to keep things cold. The garage can be heated if its is cold. Great spectator event too. Plenty of room to park. Porta John and water available. More info and details to follow.

Charity Bicycle Trials Event after Scot Hop

2017 Team Points Standings

Michiana 80 90 90 90 85 69 81 85 80 90 67 90 997
East Side 85 72 85 55 80 90 90 76 85 90 76 75 959
Great Lakes 90 90 81 90 50 69 85 90 78 68 55 0 846
Metro Trials 57 76 76 71 90 78 76 71 80 90 0 0 765
Bent Fenders 90 67 40 57 67 76 67 60 90 66 48 0 728
Mid-Michigan 57 80 71 75 18 55 25 59 42 52 90 90 714

Results from Bent Fenders September 17, 2017

MOTA SanctionBent Fenders

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The Michigan-Ontario Trials Association is a Non-Profit organization devoted to promoting observed motorcycle trials activity in the Michigan-Ontario Area. Composed of a number of member clubs, M.O.T.A. sponsors virtually all trials events held in the area. Each observed trials is organized and conducted by one of the member clubs solely for the enjoyment of other M.O.T.A. club members, and any other riders who wish to participate.

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Celebrating 50 years of Promoting Trials Events

The Michigan Ontario Trials Association is proud of it's rich history in promoting the sport of Observed Motorcycle Trials in the Michigan and Ontario regions.

2017 Season

M.O.T.A. has an exciting season lined up for 2017 including two vintage events.

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The Rules Committee is meeting! Are you on it? Check with your club's representative about participating in M.O.T.A. Events

2017 Standings

The Competition Director is about to release the 2017 Championship Standings to the Awards Committee.

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Our Promoting clubs offers many different skill levels that riders compete in.

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