Mid Michigan Two Trials Extravaganza

Mid Michigan will be hosting a Vintage Event on Saturday September 19, 2020 and a Championship Event on Sunday September20, 2020. Bryan Bondeson's birthday is on Friday so there may or may not be checkers available the next morning. We will be doing contactless scoring on Sunday.

There are two different signups. One for Vintage and one for Championship. You can pay by Credit card now or at event. The charge will say mydentalhost MOTA Event.

If you are looking for camping call the campground Manager Ron Perkins at (517) 615-5001 to reserve a spot.

The Mid Michigan Trials Club has secured more boulders, stones and other implements of Trials Obstruction. You can download the updated flyer that has the Camp Ground Telephone number. Call (517) 615-5001 and ask for Ron Pickens if you are camping at the campground.

Michigan Ontario Trials Association
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